Introducing our new solutions: Joseph Cartron liquors, Mixer fruit purees and Volk vodka

March 2017

Horeca Experts proudly presents the three latest beverage solutions introduced to its portfolio. Discover Joseph Cartron, Mixer Cocktails and Volk, three premium products that will add a new twist to your existing drink offerings.

Picked amongst high-end French brands, Joseph Cartron is a premium liquor that comes in nicely shaped bottles. With its exclusive set of flavors, Joseph Cartron is a must have in your bar.

Mixer Cocktails’ wide range of fruit purees is brought to you from Italy. You will love this shelf-stable product for its balanced taste and set of unique low in sugar flavors.

Volk is a premium Russian vodka by Kvint distilleries. It’s quality security seals are a guaranty that then it’s a Volk bottle, its Volk inside. Its smooth taste can be enjoyed on the rock or in cocktails.

Mixer Cocktails:
Mixer srl, is a company established in the production of concentrate shelf-stable fruit puree mixes. In 1990 Mixer srl conceived the concentrate puree mixes of fruit, as the ultimate evolution syrup for cocktails and it is nowadays the leading company in Europe in this market. MIXER® is indisputably an innovator in the market of semi-processed fruit and concentrates for cocktails since more than 20 years.

Joseph Cartron:
Joseph Cartron, a family business founded in 1882 in Nuits-Saint-Georges, is the producer of time old famous liqueurs: Prunelle (Burgundy Sloe), Maraschino, Cacao, Kummel, Burgundian Ideal and even Bisette. Right from the out start, the highlight of their business, is the invention of the Crème de Cassis Double Crème, at the time called « Double Crème de Cassis Cartron ».

Volk vodka by Kvint is prepared as per old Russian recipes, with selected grains. It goes through a triple distillation process using water from artesian wells. Volk vodka passes a 5-step filtering and cleaning process through coconut shells impregnated with platinum. This gives it a smooth taste, crystal clarity and refined fragrance.

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